I’m humbled that I’ve got your eyeballs reading my musings on software development. This field is my passion, and I’ve got way too many things buzzing around my head that need to be written down here. Not because I know better than anyone else, but because I want to share what I’ve learned in my career. I want to give back to the industry that has helped nurture a lifelong love of learning, improving, and making.

Early on in my career I was once asked in an interview a pretty standard question: “Why do you like programming?” I’ll concede this is a bit of a softball question but it wasn’t something I had ever really thought about. I’ve just always loved surprising myself, and others, with what I could do on a computer.

What struck me in that moment of sheer nervousness was that programming is about creation (look at me, sounding like Fred Brooks). It’s about creating something bigger than yourself. Something that has the potential to touch many people’s lives, for better or worse. It’s something that has the chance to pervade the lives of those around you and fundamentally change how they interact with their world. While not all software can be as glamorous as the airbnbs, stripes, and googles of the world, the large majority of software produced has a very real chance of making the world a better place, if even just for a handful of people.

So, internet, thanks for all the time you’ve collectively spent contributing to the big and little things that have helped me and countless others on their journey through software development.

– The chimp