Ride the champion
Alright. It’s good to be back at this. It’s been months since my last (and, regrettably, first) post. Lots of things in my personal life (my wedding!) have rightfully taken priority. But as autumn settles in, I’ve now got time to fulfill my vision for this blog.

I know right now I’m writing for an audience of one (hint: it’s a ridiculously good looking guy named Adam me), but I’d very much like to cultivate a community of readers in a similar position to me in the tech industry – CS/engineer background, working for a small company, wearing (and liking) many hats, likely not in the glamorous midst of Silicon Valley. And let me clarify when I say “readers” I really mean contributors, collaborators… commentors. You’re more than welcome to interject some value into my vapid attempts at sharing what I’ve learned.

Welcome, and enjoy!