Hi! I’m Adam Tarnowsky, and I first picked up programming in grade 6 from the extra-curricular sections in my math textbook. No, I was never that strong math student – but that never dulled the enjoyment I got out of the problem solving inherent in mathematics. Programming just amped that problem-solving enjoyment up to 11. I loved that I could create something that conformed to every whim of my frosted-flakes powered brain; that it would give me instant feedback for every line I wrote. It took no more than a few weeks of playing around before I knew I wanted to do this for a job.

Since that fateful time in primary school, I’ve had the pleasure of programming in a variety of capacities. I graduated in 2008 from UBC with a combined B.Sc. in Computer Science and Cell Biology & Genetics. I loved sharing my passion for programming with students as a TA in my final year of university. I’ve had great opportunities programming in the fields of bioinformatics, microfinance, and medical education. I’ve dabbled in being an entrepreneur, am currently honing my skills in UI/UX design, and am looking to parlay these skills into becoming a product manager.

As you probably picked up by now, I’m the kind of software developer that enjoys wearing (too?) many hats. This forces me to constantly learn and adapt, like the trusty chimpanzee (huzzah! blog name!). Yes, you might be thinking “a jack of all trades is a master of none”, but I think I’m all the better for this variety of experiences. After all, they’ve given me the ability to understand software from multiple vantage points. I strongly believe this is a essential piece of understanding how to build successful software. Without gaining experience in a project from the highest to lowest level, it’s far too easy to design software that falls prey to myopic thinking – through every level from product conception down to software implementation.

I hope you like what you find while you putter around my blog. This is a personal blog, and so, well, you know… the opinions expressed in this blog are this ape’s and this ape’s alone – they do not represent the view of my employer.